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Welcome to the rapids-singlecell documentation#

This library is designed to accelerate single cell data analysis by utilizing the capabilities of GPU computing. Drawing inspiration from both the scanpy library by Theis lab and the rapids-single-cell-examples library from Nvidia’s RAPIDS team, it introduces GPU-optimized versions of their functions. While aiming to remain compatible with the original codes, the library’s primary objective is to blend the computational strength of GPUs with the user-friendly nature of the scverse ecosystem.


  • 07.08.23 rapids-singlecell is now part of scverse ecosystem.

  • 04.08.23 Thanks to the great team at scverse rapids-singlecell is now automatically tested with CI

  • 27.06.23 I’m very honored to announce that I was invited to co-author a technical blog post that demonstrates the capabilities and performance of rapids-singlecell for NVIDIA.